Posted by: harrysachz | August 14, 2006

AoL Users are Psycho

AOLAnyone with an IQ greater than 50 should know that AoL and the internet don’t mix. Since they don’t provide a broadband service to their customers, a valuable product, or a useful search engine, they are losing over 1 million customers a month. Realizing this, they have made their “AoL Broadband” service free to anyone that subscribes in hopes to gain revenue solely from their ads. Why anyone would choose to install this software on their computer lowers my faith in humanity [if there was any to begin with]. Anyhow…

AoL users have had their search records compromised recently. Anyone interested should go here to see what the mass [AoL] public has been searching for. For a good read, I recommend user #927, #21173611, #7879999, #1823541, and the oh so famous #17556639.


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