Posted by: harrysachz | August 14, 2006

First Rant of the New Blog!

[Warning: My own personal opinions are included below. There is no need for any normal person to read. Any text found offensive should be completely ignored and/or may result in me telling you to go fuck yourself. Continue at your own risk.]

I need to get some thoughts on paper before I explode in confusion and burst the vein in my forehead. First off – Sony…

Why is it that Sony has to always come out with proprietary formats to fuck with the public? Didn’t they leBluRayarn their lesson with the whole BetaMax vs. VHS war? How about the lack of sales on their UMD discs? or the Memory Stick / Memory Stick Duo? the garbage ass PSP? Can’t they merge their own technology with other companies in hopes that something uber-kick-ass would revolutionize the entertainment industry? NO! They continue with their “we need to keep our ‘elite status’ no matter how many billions of dollars are dumped into our useless technology” mentality. The PS3 seems to be a complete, and utter waste of fuckin time. Why not just pull out of the video game console competition completely and put that effort into the [obviously named] PS4? I understand that the console is a $400 cheaper alternative to buying one of the shitty, Linux based, P4 Blu-Ray disc players; but who wants to own Blu-Ray anyhow? 25gb storage is a good idea; but for now, fuck it. Who wants to re-purchase all their movies for $30 a piece, just so they can see it with more pixels? The people that can afford a $1,000 dvd player are too old and blind to notice any difference anyhow. Just like a Lexus, it’s solely for bragging rights around the 19th hole.

Apple… I love you, but how about we build that second mouse button into your laptops eh? If you support it, why not make Applethem standard? Ctrl click and click hold is an asinine work-around. Now, I know that Apple fanboys will pay any dollar amount for your hardware, but please stop ripping us off an additional $150 just for black paint on your MacBooks. The Apple white looks great, but give us a free choice of what color our devices look like. Oh, and what’s with the fuckin dock? It’s obvious that you needed a different interface than Windows to stay away from the incessant lawsuits; but the dock sucks ass. Take a lesson from Linux and get rid of that eyesore of ‘program selection bar’, or at least give the option to get rid of it. I’d rather just make due with my own personal shortcuts for the installed programs. Lastly, Steve… People shat themselves at the end of your keynote speech when you obviously left out your signature, “oh, and by the way”. Word of advice: Don’t do a speech unless you have some little gadget to introduce. Preferably a wireless fullscreen iPod with touchscreen or an iPod phone. Other than that, I’m ready to carry your baby Steve.


Microsoft. Oh, my fucking god Microsoft. What the fuck are you thinking? With all your delays, project dumpiMicrofuckng, and shitty ass betas that you’re releasing of Windows Vista, why are you bothering to release it at all? The only thing that I can think of is that you guys want to somehow show that you can make your UI pretty to compete with the beautiful interface of OSX, and to integrate their anti-piracy WGA software out-of-box. You need to come to the realization that you are the biggest and most popular software manufacturer on the planet, and that people are always going to find a way around purchasing your software. The ‘nature of the beast’ so to speak. Let’s go down the list of failed Microsoft products: UMPCs, Windows Millenium, the original Xbox, Internet Explorer, anyone remember Bob?, and soon to be the new Zune [supposed iPod killer]. Let it go Microsoft. I commend you for being a great stepping stone for those interested in bettering themselves as educated computer users, but there comes a time when you must let go.

[k, i’m done]

Five beers were drank during the typing of this post.



  1. re: OSX Dock

    I don’t use the Dock for an application launcher. It’s for running programs only, since I use Quicksilver to launch programs.

    I also keep the Dock on the right-hand edge, anchored to the bottom. (This way the Trash is always in a constant location in the lower-right corner.)

    Basically it’s just like the XP Taskbar for me… not Quick Launch.

  2. Thanks for the tip Brad. My resident OSX guru.

    Anyone interested in downloading Quicksilver can learn more here.

    Eventually this will come in handy with my future purchase of a Core2 Macbook [hopefully out soon].

  3. Blu-ray will fail. It is currently using Mpeg 2 codecs and in side by side comparisons, standard DVD’s look better than the “high def” Blu-ray. Sony should pull the whole thing and try again when we have disc’s that can hold 30 terabytes.

    HD-DVD on the other hand uses the VC1 codec and looks far better than a standard DVD. Kind of like comparing VHS to DVD in all the user screen shot’s and reports I’ve seen. HD-DVD is also cheaper, has full support of “The DVD Forum” as well as gaining more and more support from movie studio’s.

    BTW I like the look of the new blog Mr. Sachz. :p

  4. The forums agree with your details; but according to the manufacturer’s descriptions, it looks as if HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are both using similar codecs.

    [Blu-Ray] According to

    MPEG-2 – enhanced for HD, also used for playback of DVDs and HDTV recordings.
    MPEG-4 AVC – part of the MPEG-4 standard also known as H.264 (High Profile and Main Profile).
    SMPTE VC-1 – standard based on Microsoft’s Windows Media Video (WMV) technology.

    [HD-DVD] And…. according to

    [compression technology] MPEG-4 AVC / VC-1 / MPEG-2 [/compression technology]

    *Please note that this simply means that all Blu-ray [and HD-DVD] players and recorders will have to support playback of these video codecs, it will still be up to the movie studios to decide which video codec(s) they use for their releases.

    Now as far as studio support, the movie releases shown here seem to be a dead heat with no clear winner on either side. Keep in mind that HD-DVD had a head start.

    Before I open my next beer, I’d also like to point out some shit about the Xbox 360. I hear rumors floating around about how much better the 360 is than the PS3 due to a price and capability comparison. Keep in mind, with a speculated release price of $200 for Microsoft’s external HD-DVD player plus the $399 pricetag of the ‘decent Xbox 360 system’, the $600 PS3 isn’t looking that expensive afterall.

    However, in my opinion… fuck ’em both.

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