Posted by: harrysachz | August 14, 2006

Foodness 2.0

Recipe MatcherI was looking around Barnes & Noble the other day in the cooking section in hopes that I could bring myself from the ranks of “holy fuck, did something die in my mouth” to “tastes like shit, but edible none-the-less”. Being the internet savvy person that I pretend to be, I realized that I can search online for recipes and save the $30 it would cost me for a book with a pretty lady on the cover. Sadly, I put down the Rachel Ray [much the hotness] book and walked away.

A quick search on the ol’ Google turned up great sites like Cooking for Engineers. However, I wasn’t happy with the limited selection these guys had, although their instructions do rock some ass. Anyhow, [I’ll get to the point soon] I came across Recipe .

Similar to the alcoholic site Drinknation, you can maintain a ‘pantry’ full of cooking items and search for recipes according to what you currently have. For anyone that has to come up with creative ideas on what to cook those hungry little fuckers around the dinner table, it’s great to see that some web 2.0 sites are actually doing a valuable service.

[2 beers were harmed in the making of this post]



  1. It really doesn’t help if you have no food in said pantry.

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