Posted by: harrysachz | August 15, 2006

802.11n Iz N Da Newz Again

NAccording to ArsTechnica, the 802.11n standard is now even further from being standardized by the IEEE institute, with their next vote being in January of 2007. 802.11n offers an unheard of 600Mbps [versus the 54Mbps – a/g, and 11Mbps – b] throughput and incredible added range. It uses 3 antennas for the connection; and with the new ‘jumping channel’ technology, will knock your neighbors connection right the fuck off. So if you value security, speed, range, don’t mind upgrading again later on, and hate the shit out of your neighbors, 802.11n may be the product for you.

Now personally, I could care less about a wireless standard that supports speeds greater than my current internet connection, but it’s the mindset of the early adopters that piss me off. You can’t visit a tech store without seeing the two available [pre-n & draft-n] 802.11n standards lining the store shelves. It’s as if the 802.11g hardware doesn’t exist anymore and people are willing to throw away their current setup for a taste of the future. It’s not like the general public is going to make use of the added speeds when they’re checking their email or looking up fake nude pictures of Jessica Simpson online. It will only make a difference if you stream higher def videos to your laptop in the shitter or have large files that you need to transfer among your network – perhaps a few rooms away.

It is hoped that the IEEE task force dealing with the 802.11n spec will be able to approve a second draft of the specification early next year. Even if that happens, we are not likely to see final ratification of 802.11n until early 2008

I say by 2008, high speed everything will be a necessity; but as for now, who cares about upgrading? .. and if you do, keep all your tech support questions away from me.

More info on the 802.11 standards – Wikipedia
How Wi-Fi works – How Stuff Works



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