Posted by: harrysachz | August 15, 2006

TechTV – Round 2

According to TechTV legends Chris Pirillo & Leo Laporte, a reunion is soon to be underway. Since CTechTVomcast felt it was necessary to turn the home for tech fans into the 24/7 Man Show re-run channel, nerds have had to turn elsewhere to get their fill of technology news. Leo has gone on to host a wide variety of podcasts, a weekend tech support radio show out here in Southern California, and remains the host for Call for Help in Canada. Chris Pirillo has ventured off into developing his own search engine, podcast, tech help network, and body part rental site. With the combination of other video podcasts hosted by various TechTV alumni, such as, Diggnation, Infected, and CrankyGeeks, us fans are left wanting the way it used to be.

Chris Pirillo has recently registered the domain “” and supposed logos for this new online network have been popping in various tech related forums. I for one can’t wait to see Chris Pirillo (my all time superhero-like idol) again in video form, and wish them luck with their new project.


Chris Pirillo talks about UndoTV –
Leo Laporte talks about UndoTV -Leoville
TWiT panelists talk about a possible reunion – TWit show #64 (with special guest Chris Pirillo)

[always at my pc double clickin on my mizzouse]



  1. LOL! That UndoTV logo is great!

    Of course, the tagline is the best part…

  2. They should all get in a big truck and drive through the tubes. They might make it by friday.

  3. Psh, video on the internet? What do you think this is, a dumptruck?

    The hole left by TechTV’s shittiness has been totally filled for me by those podcasts. The fact that I can listen to them on the way to work and/or watch them during my lunch break makes them even better, in a way. If more is on the way, though, that’s even awesomer.

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