Posted by: harrysachz | September 8, 2006

Vista Pricing (apparently) Set

Vista LogoI know this is (sort of) old news; but for those of you that haven’t heard anything new about the upcoming release of Microsoft’s new operating system ‘Vista’, this’ll be news to you. According podcasts such as, TWiT, and other various news sources, Microsoft has released the new pricing scheme for Winblows Vista – codename: “OSXP”.

The Vista Ultimate version, which includes all the business, mobility and home entertainment features, is priced at $399, while Vista Business is $299, Vista Home Premium is $239, and Vista Home Basic is $199. –

I’m confused as to why anyone would even bother upgrading at all. From a purely business point of view, wanting to stay on top of the latest security, networking, server, and productivity updates makes sense at the mere price point of $299 a machine. However, there are alot of behind the scene costs, such as: implementing the change on all their systems, training all their employees on all the new features and security risks, suffering all the downtime, possibly changing over their file / network servers, and obviously upgrading their hardware to the latest and greatest to run this giant piece of shit OS (added tag ‘rant’ here).

For the home user, Vista is nothing more than a ‘bragging rights’ upgrade. Granted their UI, media center, and HD content updates are neato; but for the price of $400 you could buy a new Nintendo Wii, a few games, a few more controllers, and a couple movies. Who even uses Internet Explorer anymore? If you do, click here to get the fuck away from my page and onto something more your speed. If you’re still using Windows Media Player 11, there are many (far greater) alternatives that your computer won’t shit the bed over – VLC, Media Player Classic, and BSPlayer to name a few.

Having played with both Beta 1 and Beta 2 releases of Windows Vista, I predict that…

1). None of my computers will be able to sport the cool new UI, short of a $200+ video card purchase.
2). All of the new “security enhancements” will be nothing more than intrusive menus and pop ups.
3). More people will run Vista on a Mac running Parallels than those installing it on their home PC.
4). With it’s eventual release, more people than ever before will purchase their first Mac.
5). … causing Mac to get it’s first mainstream virus and spyware issue.
6). Microsoft stock will go down.
7). The Zune will never come out.
8). Oprah Winfrey eats everyone, then buys Microsoft and renames it to “O”
9). Google comes out with gISP and provides free network (ad supported) high speed internet to everyone.
10). I get a Google tattoo on my neck, next to my “007-373-5963” ink.
11). I change my name to Nostrasachzus.

[Go Team Venture!]



  1. That’s crap. Mac OS upgrades cost less than $100 and are the equivalent of the Super Awesome Premium Media Edition Vista. I’ll just wait until my computer dies and get Vista “free” with its replacement.

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