Posted by: harrysachz | September 9, 2006

Me Rikey Rant

WifiOkay, I have a gripe. I live in Southern California. There is heavy traffic, high competition for employment, and the population multiplies by 10 everyday (illegal immigration, but that’s another post completely). My question is: Why is it so fuckin’ hard to find an open WiFi access point? It took me driving around (nearby my school – which I am currently on) for 30 minutes to find an unsecured, open to the internet, connection. Isn’t California the state where the most prevalent technology companies reside? All of San Francisco is practically open to the public. Google gives their city of Mountain View free wireless access for the benefit of their employees. Why can’t people be more open and giving for the weary traveler just looking to check their email?

Granted, I am exempt from doing this myself due to the fact that I use all my bandwidth ALL the time; but if I had Verizon’s FiOS ISP, I would gladly open up my shit for the entire neighborhood to surf the web. That, and run a Shoutcast server, FTP, Mame server, and a 24/7 donkey show network.

Kinda got off track. So what the hell people? Open your shit up so people can have free internet. Oh, and booooo governator, passing this bill doesn’t help my cause.




  1. Yeah. My network is open to the public. It’s more because I’m too lazy to secure it and get all the stuff connected to it set up than to be nice to the neighbours, though. I steal internet access all the time, though, so I guess it’s good to give back to the community.

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