Posted by: harrysachz | September 14, 2006

Beating a Dead Horse

Ipod NanofrekakdafSince Apple had the “Showtime” exhibition Tuesday in San Francisco, the blogger community has been going insane with details and personal thoughts about the new tech that was unveiled. So fuck it, I’m adding in my 2 cents as well.

The Ipod Nano.

With iPod’s marketshare of the portable media player market hovering around 87%, they obviously have a strong piece of hardware on their hands. Everyone and their grandma owns one of these damn things, and it’s apparently real easy & slicker than shit. On Tuesday, they released a new 8 gig nano with better battery life, a brighter screen, and (as far as I can tell) lowered the price of the entry level 2-gig model down to $150. I personally could give half a rats ass about the nano because it doesn’t play movies and I don’t physically move enough to warrant buying one of these things for “excercise purposes”. Call me when I can order a pizza and chill a beer with one.

iTunes 7.

Thanks for answering my problems of playing tiny old ass video games with a circular controller Apple. If that wasn’t enough, they also allow you do purchase full length movies for viewing on a .5″ screen.

Actual screen shot of ‘Clerks.’, as purchased from the iTunes movie store:


As you can see, well worth the $10 price per movie. Getting a headache just thinking about it. I’m curious though. What would be a place that someone would say, “Gee. I could really go for watching a full-length movie, on a screen the size of a head of a pin, right about now.” – You can’t drive and watch it. If you’re in a library watching it… you know, just go home and watch a dvd. If you’re at a sporting event, why the hell did you pay for a ticket? I don’t get it I guess.

24″ iMac.

$2,000 is a little much to pay for a larger screen. You could buy this 32″ widescreen monitor and a Mac Mini for the same price. No?

End.Oregon Trail!

Now, you can disregard all the above due to jealousy. I can’t afford any Apple hardware and have been drooling over the MacBookPros since they were introduced. Plus, I’ve sworn off purchasing anymore PC hardware for any computer in this house. From now on, we’re a Mac household!

Play the best Apple game ever – Oregon Trail.

[It’s dolomite baby!]



  1. Well said. I’d love that 24″ iMac…but it’s a bit too much. I’ll have to stick with my old PC that requires a fan blowing on it just to keep it from catching fire.

    I think the point of buying iTunes movies is that, next year, you can stream them to the TV using iTV. I’m baffled by portable video too…the only place I can see myself using it is the gym, which you’ve already sworn off. 🙂

    I do I think I’ll get an iPod though, but mostly for its merits in music (and more specifically, ease of organizing music) and podcasts.

  2. OMFG! That iTunes thing has to be a joke right?! A fucking screen size about as big as my thumb nail?!

    Oh, I don’t own an iPod and neither does my grandmother, so you can take back your blanket statement about everyone owning iPods. ;p I have no intention of buying or using an iPod, I prefer listening to music the way it was meant to be heard. Full uncompresed music played over high end speakers.

    I also just fucking died of dysentery…

  3. that’s where we differ Mr. Samson… when i listen to music (mostly all i listen to anymore are podcasts), i prefer mobility over quality. you can’t take your home stereo with you where ever you go. plus with uncompressed music (i assume you’re referring to dvd audio or sacd), the price point and availability of products aren’t exactly worth the effort. but there is no denying it… when you play that shit on a good system, there’s nothing like it.

    oh, and Phronk, that iTV sounds kick ass. i can see alot of people buying that when it comes out next year. however, it’s not for the tech nerd like myself. the video output from the box is only at a resolution of 640×480. a step in the right direction, but not necessarily a “must have”. perhaps they should go the way of the xbox & ps3 and deliver two versions of the box. a $149 version with low rez, and a (geekier) $300 version that outputs in, say, 1080i…


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