Posted by: harrysachz | October 26, 2006

OMG Halloween!

Yeah, so I made the site orange for Halloween. Big whoop. You wanna fight about it? The thing is, with this nBloggnez0rew blog being hosted at WordPress, you don’t’ get a whole lot of options in the way that it looks. So whenever I sit down in front of the computer and want to post some random bullshit that’s on the top of my head, I consider all the different things that could make this blog look better and get shot down with the limited functionality of free hosting. Oh well I guess…. However, I did take some time to make a new logo; but fuck if I can use it anywhere on here (unless I pay $15 for CSS functionality). I’d consider spending the money if it wasn’t wasted on taking lessons for learning CSS. Maybe I’ll move back to a site that supports style sheets for free, like blogger, when that hair appears up my ass again.

Anyhow, the reason that I came to post here in the first place. I just want to be on record for stating that being a poor student and an parallelenormous fan of technology sucks an ass. Every time that I turn around there’s something else that I would kill to have. A long-time buddy of mine visited me a few weekends ago and showed me his new pride and joy, the Macbook 17″, that he had purchased directly from the apple store. Not being nearly as tech savvy as myself, I showed him a few tricks and tips on how to use his newly acquired bad ass machine that sat in front of him; and because of that, I recently have become a huge fan of a program called Parallels. It allows you to run instances of other operating systems within your native system.

With the power that he has behind his 17-incher (all jokes aside), he was running both Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux inside his OSX operating system. Now, of course, I am one to keep my system in tiLinoooooozp top shape at all times; but his system – with all that shit running at once – had his install of Windows running faster than my fastest computer. [screenshot on left]

Jealous as hell, I decided to attempt an install of Parallels on my Ubuntu Linux machine [screenshot on right]. After about 4 hours of compiling, installing, and tweaking, the install finally worked and is as slow as monkey piss – although it works and boots. And that’s all I have to say about that.

October News:

Ubuntu Linux 6.1 was released today (currently updating)

Oh, October 18th marked the NES entertainment system’s 21st birthday. We’ll have to go out and grab a beer Mr. Nintendo!

Firefox 2 has been released this week, and people are celebrating all over the country! Download it here.

And Windows Vista RC2 has been released as well. Download that ugly fuck here too.


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