Posted by: harrysachz | January 31, 2007

Mac Pro Goodness

Mac ProSo, I’m at work right now. If this seems abrupt towards the end, its because some douche thinks his computer is important enough to get repaired. I know, it’s just a job for the time being; as non-rewarding and monotonous it is. ANYHOW….

If there was anything that keeps me going from day to day when being in a rut seems to have no end in sight, it’s nice to know that there’s something nice waiting for you at the end of the week… That ‘something’ is my new Mac Pro that is currently being FedEx’d over to my place. Its going to be my powerhouse masheen with a little power left over for some gameage. Radeon x1900xt, dual Xeon 2.0Ghz, 2Gigs Ram, and Windows no where in sight [gaming aside]. It’s just too bad that Front Row, iSight, and the IR remote aren’t built in.

Continuing on… My neighborhood has been in the spotlight this week when a 26 year old male was shot down in a driveby in front of his house a few days back. The reason I bring up this story as significant, is that the house he lived in / was standing in front of is 3 houses down from my own. The Swat was called in and did a raid on the house [I live in a shitty neighborhood as you are probably asking yourself]; but found no one inside. You can read the entire article from the local press here. Any donations to the help me move the hell out of my neighborhood fund would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



  1. Maybe you could afford to move if you didn’t spend all your money on overpriced Macs.

    I kid because I’m jealous.

  2. Good point… However, in Southern California, I would need at least 250 MacPros to get a decent house in a “non drug / gang / dead man in driveway” area…. easier said in this equation:

    = Equity1 + [imaginary]((MacPro)*250) + (ShitJob1*27[paychecks/yr]) – (taxes(Equity1)) – (RealEstateAgent1 + Real Estate Agent2) – (150YearLoan1)

    leaves me with only 5 more years until we can move…. that’s if the market stays exactly where it’s at…

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