Posted by: harrysachz | March 22, 2007

The End is Near…


Is school EVER going to end? My AA was just completed this last month, and I have just started on my BA in Electronics and Communications Engineering this week. So hopefully, in 1.75 more years, I’ll be able to get a job that’s worth staying with.

[rant] Currently, I’m working as a PC repair guy, and there is nothing worse than fixing douchebag after douchebag’s computers. I don’t give a fuck that AoL and Microsoft Word doesn’t work! Tell someone who gives a shit, like your golf buddies, or that Lexus salesman that kissed your ass. [/rant]

Anyhow, my graduation is here in a couple hours; and for some reason, I couldn’t be more nervous. I think it’s the fear of being in front of hundreds of people, or the fact that dressing up sucks. However, I ended up (miraculously) with a 3.42 GPA and missed “Highest Honors” by only .08.

[mini rant] FUCK! [/mini rant]

Well, here’s to another few years of school… Beeeeeeer



  1. Sachz: My internet isn’t working, and I think I have a virus…can you help?

    Just kidding. Congratulations. And I will totally drink to another “few” years in school.

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