Posted by: harrysachz | April 2, 2007

Breathing Life Into Your Work Space


I’ve always had this desire for greenery here in my office, in hopes it would bring upon some much needed cheering up during the countless hours spent in front of a computer monitor. As it’s set up now, there are only bookshelves, computer parts, broken hard drives (used as a decoration), and various towers and speakers. It may sound a little hectic; but trust me, it’s very organized. The only comforting, non-tech, decoration is an incredibly comfortable ‘papasan’ chair that the woman falls asleep almost instantly in. I’ve tried many times before to have plants in here; but of course, they die within mere weeks due to a complete lack of watering and tending to. I’ve come across some “nerd” plants before at the local WalGreens that only require watering once a month; but go figure, they have met their demise as well. So recently, I have ventured online to find a solution.

The Raw Feed today had a post about a cubicle-like fish tank that “Maximizes Fish Productivity“. As clever and as interesting as this device is; I just know if there is a living item in this house that needs food everyday, it will die (which probably explains why we’re holding off on the ‘having kids’ idea for the time being).

More rationally, Think Geek has a prehistoric plant “that just won’t die” and a self-contained desert hothouse of plants. The dinosaur plant just scares the shit out of me; and since I live in a desert, the last thing I want to see is more fuckin desert foliage.

X-treme Geek has an indoor carnivorous plant growing kit that features kick ass venus fly traps and something called a cobra lilly. I’ve always been fascinated with plants that need meat to stay alive. Not sure why. But my goal was to bring something into my office that brings a more “at home” feeling. Meat eating plants add a sort of Mad Max, post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Finally, Amazon has a device called the Aero-Grow, Aero Garden Kit. A few nights ago, during an all to common drinking binge, an infomercial came on for one of these guys at around 2 in the morning. During the whole broadcast, however, I noticed that they never said what the price is. Amazon is doing the same thing when you bring up the order page for one of these babies. All I can gather, without actually adding it to my cart, is that it’s less than $179.95. It seems cool though. You can grow all kinds of plants, ranging from flowers to herbs and ‘salad greens’. This seems to take up alot of desk space, as well as taking a good chunk out of the wallet. However, it does carry some nerd appeal as well as adding some much needed ambient tranquility.



  1. That “click to see the price” thing is bullshit. You don’t actually have to add it to the cart though…it just displays it. $134. Not bad…that does seem pretty cool.

    You gave me a good idea though…flies seem to spontanously hatch in my office. Maybe a venus fly trap would take care of those suckers in addition to being more decorative than white walls and post-it notes.

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