Posted by: harrysachz | April 18, 2007

Which Star Wars Character Are You?

Boba FettThank god I ended up being Boba Fett and not some one retarded like that homo Luke. I’ve always hated that poser. When my friends and I first watched the Star Wars series, I was an outcast for supporting the Empire in their struggle to defeat the asshole insurgency of the rebel alliance. Sounds to me like they needed to learn their place in society and quit bitching about every little invisible strangling that happened to come their way. Oh man did I hate Luke. “I have no father!”, “You’re not my father!”, “Oh crap I made out with my sister”. He should have spent less time worrying about his family relationships and more time thinking about how kick ass it was to learn telekinesis from a muppet. Pansy!

Take the test here, or click Mr. Fett at the top.



  1. I was kinda hoping I’d get Obi-Wan (or at least somebody from the original trilogy), but I suppose Qui-Gon is OK. After all, he is the guy who tells Samuel Jackson to go suck it.

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