Posted by: harrysachz | April 19, 2007

A Bill To Rule Them All

Age Limit Strictly EnforcedLiving in the Palm Springs area, the roads are filled with drivers that obviously need a different set of driving rules. Commonly, we have speed limits; but the geriatric nation never gets close to breaking that barrier. So I propose that in areas full of Matlock fans, we have Age Limit restrictions. Now, to be fair, these signs won’t be posted everywhere – just in places where safety is a must. Residential areas, schools, freeways, highways, alleys, parking lots, 1 lane roads, 2 lane roads, 1-way roads and any road with a bike lane.

Every lane will be equipped with an overhead sign that has, in very large print numbers, AGE LIMIT 65. They will be posted every 1/2 mile, in case the driver forgets. The standard will be 65, unless otherwise posted. In areas of heavy traffic and many pedestrians, the age limit will get lower; however, in areas with cement barriers and Jefferson Airplane concerts, the age limit will be higher.

Please write your local congressman and get this bill passed. For the safety of everyone, I beg you.


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