Posted by: harrysachz | May 5, 2007

I’ll just title this one – FUCK!

FUNKY BUTT LOVER!SO. I was in a hurry to get to work yesterday. In such a hurry that I placed my laptop on top of my bathroom counter on my way to hopping into the shower. So, my best guess, is that the CD drive started to spin up and caused the laptop to vibrate. It vibrated so much, that the entire computer fell spread eagle onto my bathroom’s tile floor. I was in the middle of my shower, and it made such a horrible noise. It sounded like children crying. Which soon after I found out what the noise was, my house was filled with the sounds of me crying.

Anyhow, if anyone has an idea of what I should do about replacing it, I’m up for suggestions. As it stands now, it’ll cost about $200- $300 for a new lcd panel. However, the case is severely warped as well….


And no, it’s not a wallpaper / screensaver. Such as this one.



  1. Hey, did you know that Chris Pirillo is on TV again? He was on The Lab With Leo Laporte, and I got the impression that he’s somewhat of a regular on it. I saw him and remembered that you’ve written about him a few times here before.

    Dunno if you get that show in the US, but that’s what Bittorrent is for.

  2. Yeah, I hear Leo talk about him every-so-often; but being a California resident, we don’t get any cool tech shows.

    I would bit-torrent it, but the influx of things I download constantly is just barely enough to raise an eyebrow over at my ISP. Most of my ‘goings on’ is encrypted, however, and it’s to not raise suspicion of what I’m doing. If they were to see me hitting the ol’ 6881, it’ll bring alot of unwanted attention my way – if you know what I’m sayin’.

    Thanks for the heads up though πŸ™‚ Maybe Joost’ll pick them up sometime soon. Oh, and speaking of which – if anyone reading this comment wants an invitation, let me know πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah, I hope that encrypting everything will make it impossible for the ISP to do anything about it even if they are suspicious. And honestly, a lot of bittorrent stuff I get is legitimate…game updates, public domain movies, etc.

    Oh and Joost? I’d love an invitation…it looks like fun. phronk at hotmail dot com. Thanks dude.

  4. It says “Sent, but not accepted yet”. I’d imagine that if you received the e-mail, that you would have set it up by now. Let me know if you were successful, cuz I’ve sent out 3 invites thus far and have yet to hear any responses from them.

  5. I got it – thanks! It should say it’s accepted now.

    Can’t get it to work, though. My Mac is an old PowerPC (it’s Intel only), and it just won’t start on my PC. Hopefully an update will fix it.

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