Posted by: harrysachz | June 19, 2007

O Hai Pplz

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything on this page. The creative writing spurts sort of disappear when the day is filled with monotony, despair and soul crushing events. Just kidding. Working full time and taking engineering classes a few cities apart take their toll on you after a while. And hell, if Brad and Phronk can do it… So can I… So follow me into my thoughts for the last hour or so…


What ever happened to the childhood joy that came with visiting the local arcades? I remember a time that my friends and I would collectively be excited to see what new games had come out at the local mini-putt / arcade center (at this time it was Castle Park in Riverside). Rumors would run abound at school that Mortal Kombat 2 or Super Street Fighter 2 Crazy edition had just been spotted, and we’d run on down to the park to dump in dollar after dollar. Other local kids had already become experts and we wouldArcade try our hands at embarrassing them in front of their friends. Usually, we would lose; but it’s the experience is why we were there.

Now with these new gaming consoles, where is the social opportunity? The typical kid comes home from hanging out with friends at school (or if you’re me, coming home after crying in the corner after being made fun of all day). Then plopping their fat asses down in front of their TVs and playing games by themselves. Granted that with the new “Live” experience, you can have advantages like team-speak and clans; but it’s not quite the same idea.

I miss the smells, the sounds, and the overall enjoyment of the local arcade…



  1. Pretty header picture.

    But yeah, I agree. I remember the pure joy I felt seeing Mortal Kombat 2 for the first time, trying to peek over the crowd of people gathered around it. Or learning special moves in Street Fighter 2 for the first time from some random outgoing nerd. Good times.

    I did come across a giant arcade recently in an Asian mall. It was actually packed with people; there seemed to be a whole culture around it. Most of the games were DDR and the like; games that would be difficult to get at home without expensive additional equipment. I guess that’s the closest you can get to the experience we had growing up.

  2. heh… I love the title banner graphic you ended up with!

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