Posted by: harrysachz | June 26, 2007

Microsoft’s Surface

Microsoft’s new surface computer hasn’t received as much press as I had expected. Kevin & Alex talked about it on episode 100 of Diggnation; but nothing really intriguing came about. They sat there and argued about Apple vs. Microsoft for the better part of a half hour. Although, Cali Lewis did briefly mention it as well, in episode 175. It’s really surprising that a “computer” that lacks traditional mouse and keyboard inputs, is incredible visually, and has never-seen-before interactivity features, can seem so lackluster in today’s tech press. I suppose, traveling the way of the iPhone, journalists write it off due to the high price point. Granted, it carries a speculated $10,000 price tag; but how fuckin cool is this?

Now, the video below isn’t the real ad. However, its much more clever.



  1. Yeah I think Surface is pretty damn cool. People make fun of it, but I think what they overlook is that no average person is expected to buy it. Even in the ad, most of the applications were in public places, like a bar, or buying a phone. As much as I like human interaction, if I can play with digital bubbles and get my beer faster at a bar with Surface, I’m going to that bar all the time.

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