Posted by: harrysachz | June 28, 2007

Move out da way!

Having served in the military, I’ve had the luxury of driving in various countries, and most of our states in this great nation. So given that I have been exposed to many driving experiences that most people have not, I can say with certainty that – No where is as shitty as California.

Despite the obvious over-population and the current epidemic of vehicles that are too big for their lanes; there is simply a multitude of bad drivers. The most common are those that must be in the left lane no matter what. What is the attraction to being in the “fast lane” all the time? Its not like you’re going any faster when there is a train of cars all doing 55 mph. Having always been a built up frustration of mine, its great to know that I’m not the only one that observes this douchebag practice. So was born: Left Lane Drivers Unite.

Living in the Palm Springs area, this practice is only magnified by the seemingly endless amount of old people. Thankfully, it’s 120 degrees (Fahrenheit for us Americans) and the number of people remaining has been cut in half. The roads aren’t nearly as full as they would be, but for the ones that are left, their uncanny ability to ignore people behind them is still a widely practiced tradition.


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