Posted by: harrysachz | June 29, 2007

When school is over…

I’ve been thinking recently about what could be in store for me after graduation. Almost daily, I daydream of having a job I enjoy, living in an area that’s not blisteringly hot, having extra money in my pocket (since at this time there will be no extra expenses for school), and having a house that is respectable. In any case, I’ve been considering Oregon, parts of Washington, Canada, and Japan. More than likely I’ll be able to pick up an engineering job up in Canada and live out my life saying “eh” and enjoying my universal health care.

However, its fun to imagine what life would be like in Tokyo. Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to finally learn Japanese (I’ve been listening to this podcast and this podcast hoping to pick some up) and retire in front of good ol’ Japanese game show TV. [Previously mentioned] When I was in the service, I had the opportunity to spend a couple months in various cities around Japan. Most all the stereotypes are true. Their showers are smaller, all the cars are tiny and seemingly more efficient, and I was the tallest person in the entire continent – with the exception of this guy.

The one thing that I remember most is that the programming they had on local TV was nothing but game shows. Granted, the sake might have levitated my arm to only the most idiotic of possibilities; but they were highly entertaining none-the-less. Sadly, we can’t enjoy similar shows state-side. We are instead forced to watch fine television such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, America Can Dance, America Has Shitty TV, and American Bandstand. I would do anything to get their television line-up over here. Thankfully, YouTube exists…



  1. God bless Youtube.

    I think you should pick Canada. We have no TV that’s not from the US or shitty (well, except maybe Corner Gas), but at least none of it has guys sticking their nose in another guy’s ass.

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