Posted by: harrysachz | June 30, 2007


Drinking hard liquor really takes a toll on you the next day. Watching my favorite podcast, which I despise doing sober, last night I decided to mix myself some ‘rum and whatever the hell I could find in the kitchen’. Thankfully I found some Mountain Dew and not cran-apricot juice – like before. In any case, I’m waiting for the alarm guy to finish installing our new alarm system so I can make my 2 hour trek to school today. [yes, it’s Saturday]. It’s a basic networking engineering class, so its nothing I hadn’t done before.

I just wanted to mention this cool site that I came across from an old Geekbrief episode [#175], called Sputtr. If you’re a search nerd like me, there are never too many quick ways to find what you need. The beauty of Sputtr is that you can type whatever you want in the search bar, then click the icon you want that corresponds to the site you want searchin’. It’s been my homepage for quite some time now, and has proven itself invaluable. So that makes 4 quick search abilities at any given time on the Mac:

Dashboard Widgets
Firefox Search Extenstions

Just yesterday, they added the ability to customize which search engines you want to show on the main page, and their placement. Yet one more logon to memorize.


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