Posted by: harrysachz | July 13, 2007

Twice the Fun!

I suppose the main reason that I’m posting right now is an attempt to further piss off a buddy of mine. I recently had setup my second monitor to be dedicated to iTunes window, and he’s feeling a bit jealous. So I took this as an opportunity to show off my setup for the world (the 2 consistent visitors) to see. Having looked at my desk this far back in perspective makes me wonder why I’m not out shopping for a larger monitor instead of hanging out in front of the ol’ Mac. It’s a 19″ and a 14″. The 14″ has InDigital playing, but Robert Heron looks like he’s running really fast. And yes, that’s the XKCD map of online communities on the right… I always enjoy seeing other people’s office area, so hope you enjoy looking at mine…



  1. Very nice! It’s so clean…did you put away all your random crap just for this picture?

    Having a second monitor for iTunes is a great idea. It’s always open anyway, might as well have its own screen.

    I think the territories in that map might be outdated soon. šŸ™‚

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