Posted by: harrysachz | July 22, 2007

I m modin ur case LOL!

Man… I love the days of old when people modded their cases. They mostly wanted to show off how skilled they were with their electronics abilities and how much they loved to be unique amongst the large amount of PC users. Those days are well gone with the advent of sites like NewEgg, xOxide, and CoolerGuys, where Joe PCGamer can buy “custom” parts to plug into his already shitty computer. It takes no effort what-so-ever to add LEDs to your case, make your keyboard flash with funky color lights, or change out your fan grills to one that has a Counterstrike logo or the generic BioHazard symbol. Joining the crowd is always so much fun.

In a time when you have to go over the top to become unique in your field of hobby-ism (I think I just made that word up), its great to see that there are communities out there willing to put a little more effort into the game of customizing. is a haven for all those willing to try something out of the ordinary. I have used their resources in the past for the development of my NESpc. Yes, I realize there is a NESpc project already on their site; but mine is so much fuckin’ cooler.  The case is one of these shining examples in a sea of boredom.


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