Posted by: harrysachz | July 27, 2007

Whenz I goin’ die?

According to expert life-expectancy website, PoodWaddle, not until I’m 73. With a trusted name like PoodWaddle, I can sit back and relax knowing that I have many good years remaining on this earth. They’ll ask you a series of 30 or so questions all related to the way you treat yourself – like drinking / eating habits, fat / cholesterol intake, smoking, and family history of debilitating diseases. When you’re sitting at work with nothing to do but try to drown out the sound of Mariachi, a time-wasting flash app like this is just what a soon-to-be-shooting-everyone-in-site technician needs. I kid. I kid. … maybe

Speaking of insanity, Twitter gets to be really cool when you have a lot of people involved. I understand for the most part, people want to leave things like Twitter to those that are famous tech geeks that need all the attention and media whoring; but with my 3 or so friends on there already, its proven to be quite the little social entertainment piece. My twitter feed has been added to the top right of this page for all to see. Twitterific!


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