Posted by: harrysachz | July 30, 2007

I like making stuff on the web

[what you are about to read applies if you have Firefox and AdBlock Plus installed. If you don’t have the combo, then you cannot share in the glory that is my webdesign. You really should have AdBlock Plus installed anyways.]

I have a lot of extra time at work. With this extra time, I either sit on my ass and read my RSS feeds in Google Reader or watch the time go by on the clock. So recently, trying to drown out customers pleas for help, I decided to start designing web pages again. I installed my copy of Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop on my ol’ laptop and had at it. What came from it are the two pages: The Tech Tutors and Spimjo [I’ll get to Spimjo in a minute].

The Tech Tutors started as a homepage of mine where I could show off personal information in case someone needed help using theirThe Tech Tutors computer. People are constantly asking if there are people that would come to their house and show them how to run the basics on their computer. What better concept could I have to make some extra money on the side that to start my own tutoring business? In fact, I gave my email address to my first customer today. Hopefully I’ll hear from them soon. Also, I thought it would be a great idea to host little clips of flash video content on the site as well… You know, to show people how to do the basics and all. For freeeeeeeeeee!

The other one that I’ve spent a longer amount of time on is called Spimjo. Spimjo is a cool “web 2.0 sounding name” when you’re plastered and surfing GoDaddy. I decided to make amends on my mistake and make a personalSPIMJO!!! search engine. However, the only code that I know is C, Javascript, and similarly – ActionScript for Flash. Flash is very limited on what I can do with control of the browser. Firefox keeps thinking that my flash app is trying to spawn a million pop-ups and won’t let the user do what is intended. I believe I’m going to sit down and study the shit out of Ajax. Ajax seems to be popular nowadays in new webdesign. So I’ll keep you posted when I sell Spimjo to Google and make a billion dollars. You’re welcome to use it; but remember, if you don’t have Firefox and Adblock Plus installed, the GoDaddy ad banner on my free hosted site will fuck up the CSS layout and make it look retarded.


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