Posted by: harrysachz | July 30, 2007


Its no shock that I become a grumpy bitch during our 120 degree summers, all while only having Sunday aYELP!s the single vacation day during the week. Thankfully, a longer-term vacation has surfaced in the form of a friend’s wedding. He’s going to be married in the beginning of September; so we’re going to take this little opportunity to have us a little road trip.

Since he’s having the ceremony up in Minnesota, I basically have free reign over the “how to get there”. We are choosing to go straight north through San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle, then head due east until we hit Minneapolis. After which, we’re going to head south towards Omaha / Lincoln to visit an old service buddy of mine. The ride back through Nebraska, Colorado, Utar, and Nevada has to be the most boring ass drive anyone will ever take, therefore, I’m having Sirius satellite radio installed before we go, but that’s for another post. In any case…

The great thing about living in the age of the internet is that there are great tools like Yelp! The Yelp! community is large, where average people can write personal reviews of their experiences at local eateries, stores, bars, and other touristy-type stuff. The great thing about going to places you’ve never been before is finding out how to best experience the area as a local would. With online tools like this, that process becomes much easier. In fact, I am going to look up Palm Springs to find out where to get the best food IF we could afford it. A man can dream…


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