Posted by: harrysachz | August 6, 2007

Walkability Score

This site has popped up on my news feeds quite a few times at Digg, Google Operating System, Boing Boing, Raw Feed, etc… So I gave in and had a quick look.

I typed in my address and area code and it began to calculate the ‘how friendly is my area to walk in’ score. Obviously, they take in account things like proximity of grocery stores, bars, restaurants, schools, and libraries; but they fail to subtract from the score how close local crack houses, meth labs, gang shootings, corrupt county officials, city dumps, and property values of your neighbor’s shit-ass-home-with-wheels parked on his front lawn. If this were the case, my score would have been much lower than 12. We would be talking negative numbers here people.

In any case, if you were thinking about moving to a new house, apartment, condo, what have you; consider this tool as another decision swayer.

[photo edited: figured random web surfers didn’t need a map to my house :P]



  1. My house gets a 58. However, the only places I ever walk to are CVS Pharmacy and the library, and those even not so much. Oh, and there’s a little Chinese place across the street that the wife sometimes craves.

    But really, I’m not a big fan of walking in my neighborhood either. If the sun has even begun to set, there’s nothing that would get me to venture outside the house without driving the car.

  2. I just moved, and apparently went from a 47 to a 65. Thanks for justifying my descent into bankruptcy.

    It is good to be able to walk places, so this is pretty cool. I think it’s a bit out of date though…there should be a Starbucks on mine too but it ain’t there. There should probably be a Starbucks no matter what address you put in…those things are everywhere.

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