Posted by: harrysachz | August 10, 2007


I know I already posted about this, but I’m kinda excited about how this is all turning out. I developed a site and in the past few days (given that work has been real slow lately), I’ve had a few days to start working on it. It initially was going to be a place I can refer customers when they ask for my name / contact information / etc…. However, its become something much more. Now, its not only a contact information page, but its also a quick tips site for anyone that doesn’t want to spend $100 just to find out what to do for ‘basic system maintenance’. Obviously, I will go to the customer’s house if they want some tutor-age or some PC fixin’. I could always use the extra money; but its more than that. For any customer that asks how they can better get in contact with me, I will no longer be forced to say, “oh yeah, visit”. Kind of a professional turn off when they come here and see how much of a complete asshole I am…

Anyhow, I just wanted to show it off, and maybe readers of this site can help me with some typo corrections.



  1. …and maybe readers of this site can help me with some typo corrections.

    You’re not trying to ask for free professional editing help, are you? 🙂

    If I run across something I’ll let you know, but I suppose you could hire me to smooth out the copy for the entire site…

  2. ha, i made a funny…

    the thing is, everytime I look at my site, I find 1 more typo. that means I have to open up notepad again and make the correction, log into the server, ftp it up, clear cache, refresh…. all for one freakin letter….

    gets annoying when it slows down productivity. plus, I’m not one to let little crap go like that. it bugs me to no end…

    I’d be more than happy to hire you. But i’d have to pay you in Ramen noodles… even then, i would slowly get deeper in debt

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