Posted by: harrysachz | August 27, 2007

I be doin vacashun lolz

Its about freakin’ time. My head right now couldn’t be further away from work. I’m only slightly aware that there is a calculus final in 2 hours, and there is some guy trying to get me to fix his computer in the corner of my eye…. Well, too bad pal! I’m blogging!

Here’s a question… How come when you search for the word vacation, almost every picture that comes up has a palm tree? I live in a town where there are nothing but palm trees… Hell, the city is named after the damn thing! My vacation will hopefully involve me being anywhere but near a damn palm tree. In fact, if I see one on this trip; I’ll feel too close to home. Isn’t the whole idea to get away? How is going to the beach getting away? [random thought] After living in Southern California for most of my life, it seems as if the entire population of the earth is crammed into this little tiny space we call northern mexico. [/random thought]
So I guess this is my checklist for a great vacation:

  1. Clouds – I need a change in weather. Sunny and warm all year wears just a little thin.
  2. No palm tress – we covered this previously.
  3. No one I encounter will speak Spanish – Since English speakers are a minority out here, it’ll be a nice change of pace.
  4. Less traffic – Seriously. I’m kinda done with being parked on the freeway after a long day.
  5. Beer – Given.
  6. Oh, no one asking me “what’s wrong with my Windows machine?” – Enough already people.

It’ll be nice to finally get away from school, work, and driving for a bit so that I may once again regain a little sanity. So this is me signing out until late next week people. YAY!



  1. I would have thought that the answer to the question posed in #6 would be “It’s running Windows.” I can’t think of a better way to introduce problems on an x86 machine…

    And have a great vacation! I’m taking a week off myself in between jobs. We’re not going anywhere in particular; I’m just taking the time to refocus and prepare myself for the career change.

  2. Have fun dude! I agree with most of your points even though I don’t live near any palm trees. Vacation is getting away, and it’s plenty warm enough here. My mom went on an Alaskan cruise recently, and I think that’d be a pretty sweet vacation.

  3. Yeah after a year in Vegas I am very happy to come to Louisiana where we have a thunderstorm that lasts for several days. Finally a real torrential downpour. That and the very little traffic we have. The traffic here is like Vegas traffic at 2am on a sunday. Very light and freeflowing. But even more people here have huge trucks….at least here they use them though.

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