Posted by: harrysachz | September 14, 2007

Idiots Behind the Wheel

MeairtI’m driving to work today, in heavy traffic of course; and there are quite a few of us sitting there waiting for the light to turn from red to green. Out of the corner of my eye, a car in the lane to the right of me starts backing up. He had no more than 2 feet behind him to move, but yet his white reverse lights lit brightly to signal the guy behind that he was coming. A few seconds and about sixteen inches pass, he proceeds to move forward again…

The only thing that I could figure is that he wanted to try and signal the light up ahead that we were all sitting there waiting, in hopes that his impatience would benefit the 50 or so cars sharing the same fate…

Traffic lights are based off of an advanced algorithm that takes the current time of day, day of the week, amount of traffic, and misc. special circumstances into account so that cars can move as unrestricted as possible. And here’s this genius trying to ‘hack the system’ by going “I’m gonna move backwards her her, okay, now I’m going forwards… you all can thank me later derrrr”.

While I’m on the topic, another common maneuver that I see are these people that try to hurry the red light by flashing their brights over and over.

The beauty of this little trick is that the little sensors that they’re attempting to ‘trick’ are based off of low frequency infrared. So unless they built in a 10 – 14 Hz infrared transmitter, aimed toward the top of the traffic light, in their high beam circuit loop – they’re going to be shit out of luck. These sensors are developed for high priority (emergency) and low priority government (buses) vehicles. If they did happen to build a MIRT [mobile infrared transmitter], they would have some future issues with law enforcement. The people behind the scenes keep logs of when emergency vehicles go through their parts of town and would notice if an “emergency vehicle” passed through the same light every night about 6 o’clock.



  1. I wonder if the same people randomly mash buttons at bank machines in the hopes that money will come out.

    My favourite is when people think you have to be between two traffic light posts, or else the sensors won’t know your car is there. Because in the last few decades, nobody has figured out how to detect a car unless it’s pulled halfway into the intersection.

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