Posted by: harrysachz | November 4, 2007

Remember When…

Was listening to Van Halen’s ‘Right Now’, and had this huge flashback. Back when times were much simpler and life was so much more fun. Then, visions of Crystal Pepsi came into my head and I started to feel sad. I think I’m gonna go play Super Mario World and listen to Snow. Remember Snow? Yeah, the first white rapper. No, not Marky Mark. He doesn’t rap. He “acts”. M&M isn’t a rapper either. He’s a candy. Candies don’t do hip hop. Candies get passed out during Halloween. Then they get traded with friends. Friends that like to “deal”. 1 Kit Kat is not fuckin worth 3 Snickers!

Why is there always an empty bowl with a sign that says “please take one” at the front of some houses? I think they’re fuckin with us and just start with the empty bowl. Only pretending that they started with an abundance of candy, making us think we got there a few minutes too late. Then we ended up shaving his dog and burning words into his lawn, that crazy old man… Serves him right for keeping his porch light off.

No more drinking and blogging for me…



  1. Man, I remember all that stuff fondly. Crystal Pepsi was awesome because it was like “fuck all of you, this stuff is completely unnatural and we arbitrarily chose the colour brown for no reason. No we’re getting rid of it.” And I even liked that Van Halen song before I found out it wasn’t cool to like anything involving Sammy Hagar. Snow ruled too. I didn’t realize he made an impact down there in the States. Infooormer, a booglybooglyaldfkashd;ofias;s aaah o.

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