Posted by: harrysachz | November 12, 2007

Google TV Beta

Not a huge fan of ‘regular television’, but this beta Google product is kinda cool. It took more than 11 times though…

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  1. I realize that the bible tells me that I shouldn’t have any false gods… but I think it is for that reason that I should worship Google. Possibly in the house of the lord or from behind my desk.

  2. Am I dumb for not knowing if this is a prank or not?

  3. Ha, not dumb at all. I left the link to the WebbAlert podcast where Morgan Webb talks with the creator of the videos and how many people they had tricked upon their release.

    Great interview. Plus, the other videos are even funnier.

  4. Heheh, genius. Some of the other ones are less subtle, but equally awesome. Love the old school music.

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