Posted by: harrysachz | November 12, 2007


[Warning: Explicit language]

I just wanted to point out that, not only is the MacBook Pro one slick fuckin’ laptop, but it is also the “fastest Windows Vista notebook” tested at PC World labs – according to this article. It’s only 1″ thick, the lightest 17″ notebook available,  and yet it still has the ability to kick the shit out of the “high-end gaming laptops” that you would pay far out the ass for. Personally, the only real advantage I see with buying a Mac though, is that you don’t have to spend all your time trouble-shooting the system because it randomly crashed on you.

As anyone paying attention to my Twitter feed would know, I gave up Windows for good. It fucked me for the last time, and this jaded techy has given up on it forever. Vista holds no interest to me, or many others for that matter [to name a few: 1, 2, 3, 4]; and its time that I seriously reduce the amount of headaches that are involved in owning a computer. My MacPro has treated me well since the glorious day of purchase and I am not looking back. Fuck you Windows. No more.



  1. First, go check out the shiny new post on my blog!

    And, while I don’t run Windows either (except for adminning my wife’s laptop– she needed it for work), I will probably use Boot Camp to install XP SP2 on my new iMac whenever I get around to buying it. I’ll turn off all the networking in Windows, though, to keep it from accessing the Internet and getting stuck with malware. It’ll just be for running a few games (Orange Box, anyone?).

  2. It’s hilarious you say that. With the exception of gaming on here (have to make use of the x1900 Radeon card in this computer), I installed XP SP2 through Boot Camp in Leopard for the sole reason to play Portal in Orange Box.

    Like you suggest, the network adapters are completely disabled and it’s pretty much a barebone install with nothing more than a few common tools I use. Gaming is the only reason that Windows can justify itself anymore, and I’m keeping that installation of XP as sandbox’d as possible.

    The cake is a lie!

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